Affiliate Marketing Methods 101

10 Great Ways To Make Money From The Radical Inner Game Affiliate Program

There are many great ways you can promote the RADICAL INNER GAME Program on your site, blog, or in your e-zine:

  1. Write an endorsement about the results you (or someone else) achieved using the system. If you have used, or are currently using the Radical Inner Game program to improve your inner game, this is s great strategy for promoting the program as an affiliate. By writing a short endorsement, testimonial, and/or success story about the results you achieved (how many women you’ve approached, etc.), and sending it out to your e-mail list, the sales can be much higher than any other promotional method, especially if you use pictures!
  2. Write your own review or endorsement of the program. After you've used the program, write your own review – in your own words – explaining what you liked about it and why everyone should get a copy.
  3. Use a simple text link. Anywhere that you would put a regular link to (like on your links page, or anywhere that you would even casually mention the Radical Inner Game website), simply replace the normal link with your special affiliate link that contains your nickname. The more you link, the better because it gives your readers more than one opportunity to click through at various places in an article or on a web page.
  4. Use banner ads and book cover graphics. Put banners, 3D covers or other graphics on high traffic pages of your website and you can get excellent click through rates. We provide some banners and you can even design your own. Make sure your affiliate link is properly set in the cover or banner HTML code. Make a note: graphics – especially covers – work best when combined with reviews, classified ads and other text. Sales copy plus graphics is a winning combination.
  5. Run "Sponsor ads" in your e-zine. If you choose, you can simply say that "Radical Inner Game" is the "sponsor" of your e-zine and place a short classified in the e-zine. In other words, the money you earn from selling the program will cover your publishing expenses and “makes your e-zine possible”. We have numerous short classified ads posted in the “text ads” section of the affiliate area.
  6. Place short classified ads in your e-zine. A short classified ad in your e-zine is an extremely effective way to make money with this program. The more enticing and curiosity-invoking the ad is, the more people will click through and the more money you'll make. These classified ads can be as long as several paragraphs or as short as a single sentence (if it piques your reader's curiosity well). Write your own or use the sample ads in our affiliate area.
  7. Put an ad in the “products” section of your website. If you already sell products from your web site, or if you have any kind of online store, just add a section for the RADICAL INNER GAME program in your "products for sale" area with an enticing description or summary of the program, then send them off to the website through your affiliate link. If you don't have any products for sale yet, this could be your first. (If you have a website, you might as well be making money from it!)
  8. If you have a newsletter or mailing list, send a solo email. The single most effective marketing strategy is an email joint venture promotion where you send a "solo email" (an entire email dedicated to promoting the Radical Inner Game program). We have seen absolutely staggering sales results from solo email promotions that are done correctly. The catch is that you must have your own opt-in mailing list/newsletter. If you have a mailing list and you are interested in a solo email promotion, please check the "e-mail promotions" section of this affiliate area for sample email promotions.
  9. Use our FREE articles to add content to your web site. The Articles and Blog Posts section contain materials that can be reprinted on your site. Most of these articles are original material written, owned and published by Tony Laroche, the author of the RADICAL INNER GAME program. Many website owners are not writers and are often in need of new content. As a RADICAL INNER GAME affiliate, you can use our articles absolutely free on your website.
    At the end of the article you use, simply add a credit line or resource box that mentions the program and place your link (and a little "sales pitch") after it: For example:
    Credit provided by line:
    This article was provided courtesy of Tony Laroche and (use your affiliate link).
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  10. BLOG! Blogging has been all the rage in the last couple of years and doesn’t look like its going anywhere soon. If you have a blog, that is a perfect way to promote the Radical Inner Game program. Blogging is a great way to promote the Radical Inner Game program through your affiliate link. Simply mention often throughout your blog entries, in your links list (“blog roll”), and/ or in classified or display ads. Be sure to use your Paydotcom affiliate link! Keeping up a blog – especially daily – can be very hard to do because sometimes you just run out of things to write about, so you can also use our articles as content for your blog. Just copy and paste!


Don’t sell. PRE-sell!

These are my personal tips to presell Radical Inner Game. Notice how I say "pre-sell" and not "sell"? This is because your job as an affiliate is NOT to sell the product. That's what the Radical Inner Game sales page does. Your job as an affiliate is to warm up visitors and get them interested in the product, THEN pass them onto the sales page with your affiliate link.

My personal pre-selling tips for Radical Inner Game:

  1. Get personal on your web site introduce yourself, use a picture of yourself and be friendly with your visitors.
  2. Collect emails (in a subtle manner). Something that you can offer your visitors are case studies of men who have improved their inner game and can now successfully approach women and flirt with them - and some little tips they've learnt along the way. This will give you a nice opt-in rate because visitors want to see what they should expect from the program. Then in your follow up email you can show them pictures of girls you've picked up and tell them they can achieve something similar with Radical Inner Game.
  3. Split each list into approaching/flirting/both. This will give higher conversions as you will give your visitors exactly what they want.
  4. Use testimonials where people thank YOU for the recommendation. EG. "Hey Bob, thanks for letting me know about Radical Inner Game.. etc."
  5. Make your web site 3rd party! This is important. Your web site should not look affiliated with the product, especially if your web site is reviewing the product.
  6. Use a clean design with soft graphics. Fancy graphics will over power your page. The sales page is where the visitors will go "wow" and the graphics there is what will help SELL the product. Your graphics shouldn't sell the product. Your graphics should subtly pre-sell the product and make the visitors want to know more.
  7. Use multiple pages. Make a complete web site - not just a single page lander. Send your visitors to different pages depending on what they search for. If they search for "approach women", your page should talk about approaching women only. Then send them to the sales page. If they search for "become an alpha male", your page should talk about becoming an alpha male. If they search for "flirt with women", your page should talk about both approaching them and how they should flirt with a woman.

For more instructions, tips and tools, sign up to our Affiliate Vault.