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The seduction niche is growing larger and larger, and there are more and more products published each day and I’m sure most of you can’t even keep up with the tons of material written on the subject. Inner game, outer game, routines, seduction via text messaging, fancy seminars – you name it… But if you ask me I find most of the material irrelevant, filled with diluted information, just hours and hours of constant blabbering. How much useful information can you pick up from all this? Not much, I’m afraid. And, after all, seduction is all about skills rather than information anyway.

Honestly, I’m quite fed up with all these wannabes trying to make a quick buck by inventing yet another “system”, a new and improved “method”, that is in a fact a rehashed version of the same old products. These so called “Master PUAs” just try to establish themselves as an authority on the subject, just a sorry excuse to earn money and get more women.

Here’s the thing: I was recently told about this “great new product” called “Radical Inner Game”. So here comes this guy going by the name of “Tony Laroche” (yet another DiCarlio/DeAngelo avatar) who maintains he approachd things differently.

I have been in this little community of ours for about as long as it has been around and even I have heard stories circulated that there never really was a guy named Tony Laroche. But I guess I was wrong. Instead of inventing yet another “system”, he simply took all the existing products on the market, reviewed them, distilled and boiled down their core ideas and beliefs and turned them into hypnotic suggestions.

There are simple things that you can do to separate yourself from 99% of the other guys out there, and Tony put it in a one easy to use hypnosis product.

The most important part of dating and seduction has to do with being able to meet the kind of women you want. The problem is most guys can’t do that. They may get tongue-tied, they don’t know what to say, or just freeze up — paralyzed with fear.

“Tony” is one of the guys who understands how inner game is so infinitely more important than “outer” routines and gimmicks – and it makes sense to use hypnosis to work on your self. He spotted this gap in the market and filled it.

This product is aboutchanging yourself internally, so instead of making you a social robot, you’ll come across a product that gradually and steadily turns you into a natural!

With the help of a clinical hypnotist, they sat down and went through every material they found, identified the parts of the puzzle and put them together in a more condensed format – hypnosis.


 Yes, I know that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about hypnosis. But I strongly believe you can at least trust the American Medical Association and American Psychological Association that both recognized hypnosis as a proven therapeutic medical tool for more then 60 years. 

Hypnosis is far from the hocus-pocus you see in the Holywood movies. It’s simply a state of deep relaxation and heightened suggestibility, where your mind simply accepts suggestions more easily and readily and communicates them to your unconscious. Hypnosis simply quiets down your internal critic, that chattering voice that keeps you from achieving so many things in life.

Dr. Jay’s voice is a little bit weird, I have to admit. He’s a 67-year old retired hypnotist. But it’s very soothing and relaxing and you’ll get used to it quite quickly. It took me about two sessions to really stop focusing on how funny he sounded and fully immese myself into the session.

There are also sounds in the background which cover words or phrases, suggestions or concepts, aimed at your subconscious mind. These are just strong hypnotic techniques that are triggers for the mind to reach deeper states of relaxation and become more open to positive suggestions.

Deep inside “Radical Inner Game,” you’ll find powerful suggestions that take you on the entire rollercoaster ride called the art of seduction. The product consists of 5 different parts – and here’s what’s each one is all about:

  • Fierce Masculinity Immersion – This session will allow you to understand how to re-connect to your core essence as a man. You will be able to face the fears head on, knowing that you are attractive to women and easily drawing them into your reality. Install the core beliefs and attitudes of virtually every guy who’s good with women.
  • Approach Anxiety Destroyer - You will finally discover what it takes to approach and create instant attraction in any woman – without any fear of failure. You will be given the mental toolkit that lets you have complete control over what for some is the hardest part of the game.
  • Approach and Seduction Simulator – In this session, you’ll be able to mentally practice and rehearse your approaches without any fear of failure. You’ll hone and sharpen your skills and lines before going out in the field. As you probably know, mental training isn’t limited to martial arts anymore. People in all walks of life now use it, including athletes, golfers, musicians…and now it’s available to pick-up artists as well.
  • The Next Level: Being Arrogant and Direct with Women - You will know what it takes to ooze coolness wherever you go. This session doesn’t teach you how to be disrespectful or treat her like an object – quite the contrary. It will show you how you can offer and command respect from a woman while acting like a responsible, congruent, stable MAN.
  • Skills of a Sex God – this session installs the skills of a great lover deep into your neurology. You will learn the secret code of a woman’s body and how to push her buttons. But more importantly, you will transform yourself mentally. As you probably know, lovemaking and the art of giving women wild screaming orgasms has very much to do with the mind and what feelings you elicit in her than how you physically fuck her. This is the session I loved the most.

So when it comes to seduction this well-rounded product takes you from A to Z in the fastest way possible – without too much blabbering and weird theories that may or may not be true. It directly reaches for your subconscious mind like a homing missile and radically re-write your erroneous zones that are keeping you stuck where you are right now.
A short, automatic, effortless technique that delivers real results – and delivers them fast. If you’re tired to go through yet more theories, canned lines and routines, this is probably the best product you can go for. It’ll slash your learning curve and slowly turn you into a natural.
So…do I recommend it? DEFINETLY.
I’ll give it a 4.5 out of 5.
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