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An affiliate program is a web-based referral system where you can recommend our e-book to other people, send them to our website at through a specially coded affiliate link, and you get paid commissions for your referrals when someone makes a purchase. When you sign up for our affiliate program using the form below, you will not only be authorized to promote Radical Inner Game on your website, in your newsletter or even through Pay Per Click advertising such as Google, you will also have access to all of our marketing tools that will help make your online business succeed!

Although we can't guarantee how much money you will earn (please read the earnings disclaimer in the affiliate agreement), we can tell you that many of our affiliates earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month and the income potential is virtually unlimited.

One concern many people have is that they don't know how to promote or advertise an e-book on the Internet. With the Radical Inner Game affiliate program, you don't have to worry about lack of internet marketing experience because we provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

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How much money will you make?

We are currently selling 3 versions of our product - i.e. 3 "packages", each priced differently. To get a clearer idea, here's a quick diagram:

Commission structure

So you'll be making anywhere between $67 and $102 for each visitor you send us that purchases the Radical Inner Game Program. If you take a look at our sales page, you'll see that we are striving to sell the "Complete Package" and leave the other two options as secondary alternatives.

What are the benefits?

High Conversion Ratios

As opposed to other markets and niches, this kind of information product has much higher conversion ratios. I have done extensive market research and pricing tests before launching it. Obviously, it is hard to give you a prediction for your case, since it depends on the quality of traffic you bring and on things such as preselling. But normally, if you bring decent traffic, the conversion ratio should be above 1:100

I use professional marketing tecniques and constantly improve and tweak my sales letter to increase these conversion rates.

Instant Payments Through PayPal

You will find your PayPal account credited with the money you've made, regardless of the amount - there are no minimum payments, and obviously no maximums!

You Promote a High Quality Product

The book is really the long-awaited glimmer of hope that men in the seduction community have been looking for. The quality of the program is outstanding. We stand 100% by our promises and we actually over-deliver on them! Our reputation is more important to us than anything, that's why we make everything possible to ensure that we deliver outstanding quality to both our clients and our partners.

Marketing Tools That Will Do All The Selling For You

Once you enroll in our partnership program, you will receive access to: endorsement letters, links, banners and other incentives that you can use in your promotions.

If you want a type of incentive and we don't have it, we will create it and customize it for you to help you to be more efficient in converting prospects into customers.

Great Affiliate Program with Bullet-Proof Tracking System

Keep track of your orders online 24 hours a day. Paydotcom offers great reliability and a ton of useful tools to help you promote the ebook for even higher conversions.

My Support and Cooperation

I am a real human being. If you need advice or help, if you have any questions whatsoever, you can reach me by e-mail, telephone or Instant Messaging. You have all my contact details in the affiliate starter pack. It's my interest to help you, since we're splitting the profits. This is a win-win situation - and therefore I want you to succeed in promoting my e-book!


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