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Are You Making These "3 Major Mistakes" With Your Tongue?



Are You Making These "3 Major Mistakes" With Your Tongue?

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Here are three mistakes I noticed most guys make when their having a conversation with a woman right off the bat:

1)  Trying To HARD Not To Say The Wrong Thing

2)  Talking WAAAAAY To Much

3)  Speaking WAAAAAY To FAST

I'll address each in a little more detail, but first le me start off with the cardinal sin most guy's make when talking to a woman:

Never. EVER...try to out talk a woman. Period.

Your role is to LEAD the conversation in the direction you want the conversation to go, without doing much of the talking yourself

It's a little ""wacky-quacky backwards thinking" from what your used to hearing from most amateurs. Besides, your goal is to have more conversations with MORE women, not less, but...

less IS more.

A bit cliched, but when it comes to talking to women. Don't be the guy who talks about himself and about how cool he is, how much money he got, or his profession to try to impress a woman.

When you're the one doing most of the talking, it sends a crystal clear message:


I'm not saying you should have anything interesting to say, but always keep the focus of the conversation about HER and LESS on YOU.

You've already won half the battle if you let them take the stage.

1)  Trying To HARD Not To Say The Wrong Thing

Women KNOW when your holding back something. If you have something on your mind you want to say, but stop yourself from saying it so as not to look foolish, they know it.

Don't confuse with saying what's on your mind to going out there to offend people unless you want your butt kicked, but don't be afraid to tell that funny story that happened to you last week or the prank you played on a friend.

2)  Talking WAAAAAY To Much

Here's a little trick I use all the time in conversations:

Speak. Ask a question or make a comment. Shut Up.

Telling her (without actually telling her) that, if she wants to continue talking to you, she needs to add to the conversation and, she better do it fast or your outta there!

Don't let her see your uncomfortable because, if she knows your not really letting her add to the conversation when instead, your really looking for the next thing to say in your head to keep HER around.

Don't rush to fill in the empty space. You'll notice after a few seconds she'll try to scramble for something, almost anything to say (even if it's silly) in order to keep YOU engaged in conversation with her.

3)  Speaking WAAAAAY To FAST

If your into good comedy movies and stand-up routines, you'll know that Chris Tucker is one fast talking guy.

It's called the "Chris Tucker Routine".

I get a good laugh seeing guys' "fumble n' stumble" their words trying to fit too much in a short space of time to keep the girls attention.

But nothing turns a woman off faster than a man who feels he has too please her by talking faster than the speed of sound.

Slow it DOWN...and let her be captivated in everything you have to say.

Of course, if starting and conversations is a bit "much" for you, you owe it to yourself to use this special cd to help you talk to more women with more confidence and balls:

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Your Good Friend,


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RE: Here's How You +KILL+ Attraction In Less Than 27 Seconds


Here's How You +KILL+ Attraction In Less Than 27 Seconds:

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You might not know it now but...

the fastest way to kill attraction in less than 27 seconds is to be "shaken to the core" when she disapproves of your actions or what you say.

For example:

Most guys I talk to make one of the biggest mistakes in a relationships by not timing their words or actions and, worst...

apologizing for it.

They apologize for...the "miss timed" kiss. the "unwanted" touch. Or the "inappropriate" joke.

In other words...

They're "YES MEN".

REAL women don't want to baby-sit adult males, they're looking for the feelings a REAL man can give them and, apologizing for bad behavior makes you more like a wuss than a man.

It happens.

You won't always get the perfect timing to make a move because sometimes you have to improvise a bit. Even the best in the game don't always get it right. And she'll respect you MORE if your UNAPOLOGETIC about making your move no matter how she reacts to it.

I'll let you in on a little secret: women will reject your advances sometimes on freakin PURPOSE to see if you stand behind your decisions to make your move -- as a MAN!

A woman is hard-wired to do this and, the only thing you can do is accept the challenge and beat it in spades.

The "2nd" Fastest Way To Beat A Woman's Challenge Is...

Taking On A Regular Discipline Like Martial Art's Or Yoga.

These disciplines FORCE you to handle situations you wouldn't have while at the same time, handling ANY challenges a woman throws your way.

My personal favorite way to handle women's challenges is with extreme sports like skydiving, water-skiing, bungee jumping, or even roller coasters (for those who have a little "thrilla in manila" blood in them).

These disciplines helps you step outside the box and see that a womans tests and challenges are NOTHING compared to jumping out a plan or, learning the discipline of a new martial art.

But, there IS a better, FASTER way to beat those tests and challenges a woman throws your way WITHOUT taking up martial art's or jumping out of a plan.

In my new Radical Inner Game Audio program, I spend HOURS teaching "The Inner Game"...all those things that help you get INSIDE together, so you can then get the OUTSIDE together.

This stuff is CRITICAL to your success.

I wouldn't have taken all the time, effort, and energy to put this together unless I thought it was going to help you in every way possible.

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If your tired of being the "YES MAN", and nothing seems to "work," then you need to work on your Inner Game. When you get the inner game together, everything will start to work a LOT better...

Well talk again in a bit [FIRSTNAME].

Your friend.


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How To DESTROY The "Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome"


"How To DESTROY Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome In A Heartbeat"

>>URGENT<<  They say, "Nice Guys Finish Last", and from experience it's shamefully true. If you want to destroy your "girlie men" traits and hypnotically seduce women in a heartbeat without lifting a pinky finger, go check this out now:


I was a HUGE Jackie Chan fan.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I used to practice those crazy stunts and kung-fu moves on some of my friends when we got back home from school.

One time, my nose was "kicked" out of place by one of my best friends doing one of those moves in his older movies.

Luckily, it didn't do any serious damage because my uncle was a trained medical doctor and snapped my nose back in place without surgery.

So, what does Jackie Chan have to do with destroying the Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome?

If you look at most of his movies, think for a second who his core audience is...

you got it - the "Mr. Nice Guy".
The guy who can't keep a girl in his arms if he used duct tape to keep her there.

Sure they'll show him on the big screen kicking serious bootay and snapping wooden tables across the backs of his foes noggin, but...

But, in the REAL world...chances are you don't go out there looking to beat a few random guys up for fun and get away with it without getting clobbered across the chin.

So what are you left with? The "Nice Guy" side. The side you don't want to because you know it doesn't work.

So, here's how you destroy the "Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome"...

Learn how to CONNECT to your INNER, most SEXUAL desires!

For most of us, we were taught at an early age that our sexual desires were "bad" and, to have any were a sinful and shameful act no matter if we acted on our desires or not, and...

it couldn't be the furthest from the truth.

It's "okay" to be a man and admit to your desires.

It's "okay" to mentally undress the young lady you have your eye on across in the grocery store working the cash register.

It's "okay" to look deep into a woman's eyes and FEEL the attraction and it's intensity with unwavering belief that the sexual tension bonds the two of you like a sandwich.

In other words...

It's okay to own up to your feelings and not be afraid to express them to show your attracted on some level.

Pretending to NOT be attracted, believe it or not, is a nice guy symptom.

[[[FIRSTNAME]]], if your like most "nice guys", this sudden transformation isn't going to happen overnight using age-old techniques like "getting out there and meeting girls" or good ol' trial and error.

Those methods work, but it's not the ONLY way to destroy the Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome. There's an easier way to do it that works like magic without very little paid of getting shot down or rejected.

It's so simple, you might scratch your head as to why you didn't catch on to this before, and here it is:

With this program you can master your inner game and get rid of the "Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome" without even knowing it, and be the guy other people want to hang around like a 7-eleven.

You owe it to yourself to be LESS of a Jackie Chan, and more of a bad ass James Bond (no offense Jackie)

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"Radical Inner Game Audio Hypnosis" is one of the most powerful solutions I know to getting rid of the "nice guy" in you without getting torn to pieces in public.

But, don't just take my word for it.

The ONLY thing you have to lose with this program is the dreaded Mr. Nice Guy image you have hanging over your head, don't you think you deserve to be the alpha male you know your capable to be?


See you in a few days,

Your Good Friend,


P.S. The key to destroying the "Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome" is to connect with your inner sexual desires -- own up to them and lasso almost any woman you want with true, strong feelings of sexual desire at every step.

...of course, the hard way is to go out and get shot down and learn your lessons the hard way or...

shed the old nice guy image skin with the "Radical Inner Game Audio Hypnosis" playing softly in the background

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