Here's what you have to do:

1 » Create Your Paydotcom Account
Just click here to go to their website and open up your account. Signing up takes only 2 minutes and gives you access to thousands of products that you can promote. Once you have your account up and running, come back to this website and enroll for our affiliate program. Simply click here and log on using your new user name and password.
2 » Link To Our Website
Once you have your unique affiliate link, put it on your pages, your blog or even in your e-mail signature if you wish. You can also use the tools I provide you with to promote us even better. For more info on how to drive traffic and make more sales, you can sign up to our Affiliate Vault and download the Guide.
3 » Start Earning Money!
That's right. It's that easy. Every time someone who came through your link makes a purchase, you automatically get 70% of the sale price, which means that you receive $65-$100 in your Paypal account, depending on which package has been purchased. The more traffic you can send and the more sales you can generate, the more money you can earn.


If you don't have a Paydotcom ID yet, click here to obtain one.