Who Else Wants To Reprogram Their Mind and DESTROY All Approach Anxiety, Self Doubt and Inner Conflict, So That YOU Become Insanely CONFIDENT & Easily Approach Gorgeous Women ? ...

If You’re Sick And Tired Of Junk Pop Psychology And Bizarre Pick-Up Theories Of Evolution AND You Want To Overcome Those Limiting Beliefs And Emotions That Are Destroying Your Chances With Beautiful Women... Then You Need To Pay Attention To This Letter


Finally you can...
Find the missing piece of the pick-up puzzle, so that you start attracting the women of your dreams
Be the coolest (and most magnetic) guy in the club naturally, without relying on lines, routines or gimmicks...
Overcome your fears, anxieties and nervousness when you see an attractive woman and think about approaching
Build unshakable confidence and self esteem in just minutes per day, without hours of reading or watching any more theory


Dear Friend,

The fear of REJECTION is the number one thing that stops guys from approaching women. While most men say they "JUST DON’T HAVE THE CONFIDENCE" it’s really their beliefs around rejection, self doubt, ANXIETY and social pressure that limit them.

Think about this....

Have you ever seen a woman that you wanted to chat with... but found yourself feeling ANXIOUS, NERVOUS AND UNCOMFORTABLE... just by thinking about walking over? You simply cannot approach a woman because the crippling FEAR crawls in before you can even open your mouth.

You probably gave yourself an EXCUSE to approach later or maybe not at all (maybe she’s not "hot enough" for you, maybe you want to finish your drink first, maybe you don’t want to interrupt her, or maybe she will "just reject you anyway").

Whatever the excuse, you passed up another opportunity and the moment has gone, but it lives with you as another compromise on your values – and the wound is getting deeper and MORE PAINFUL with each passing day.

Were you ever in a situation with a woman where... the first 2 minutes of the conversation went great, but then you STARTED GETTING NERVOUS, UNCOMFORTABLE AND WORRIED about what to say? The effortless flow suddenly dried up and you had to leave because you KNEW you were getting nowhere.

This is very frustrating. It’s not that you don’t know what to say. You have probably gathered plenty of canned material. But your SELF-SABOTAGING PATTERNS emerge from your subconscious mind and keep hindering your game.

Did you ever put so much pressure on yourself to approach a woman that.. she freaked out when you spoke because you were manic, needy and talking at 100mph? You could see the woman was SCARED and wanted to get away asap. This is an example of self-sabotaging behavior.

Maybe you were even in a relationship with a great woman but.. you messed it up because you ACTED ON EMOTION and couldn’t control yourself. Maybe you were insecure, jealous or possessive and actually pushed her away?

Or maybe you’ve had some success with women, but it wasn’t consistent. Perhaps there have been periods of time in your life when you were able to seduce women – and perhaps you couldn’t explain how that was possible.

But after a while, your old personality starts to kick back in. Your old, self-SABOTAGING patterns begin to take control once again. And if you don’t keep practicing, it gets even worse. But...

It’s Not Your Fault. The Gurus Invented A
Pack Of Lies That Just Confuse Honest Guys

For example, until you can approach any woman without rehearsed lines, wingmen, pea-cocking or routines then nothing has really changed inside you.

If you can’t do that, then any change is only a SUPERFICIAL change.

If you can relate to the examples above then you need to know something that links them all together...

They all occurred because of the beliefs in your mind. They are all cases of what people call "inner game issues".

What’s more, they have everything to do with you and NOTHING to do with the women in the stories. These cases have led many men in this situation to ask themselves the same questions:


Why Am I Nervous About
Speaking To A Woman?
What’s In My Way?

I asked myself the same question a few years ago.

I wanted to get the beautiful women I desired.  I wanted a chance to sleep with beautiful women that were attracted to me.  I wanted other men to see me with a beautiful woman on my arm and to succeed in the game of dating.

I wanted all these things, but my mind was pushing them further and further away.
My daily experience went something like this. I would constantly be attracted to women but believed I didn’t stand a chance with them, so I NEVER APPROACHED.

I badly wanted to succeed with women but simply didn’t have the keys to do so and so I never enjoyed the pleasure of being with a great woman.

I felt HORRIBLE inside.

I was constantly torn in two directions.

I desperately wanted to speak to the women I found attractive, but my emotions were keeping my feet planted. Even though I RATIONALLY KNEW there was no danger, I experienced the most intense fear and anxiety I had ever felt (it was gut wrenching).

The longer this went on the more ANNOYED I became. In fact...

My Lack Of Success Was
Driving Me INSANE

I was mad for three main reasons:

  • I knew that I was the one screwing up – it wasn’t about the women that I liked
  • I saw so many jerks getting the women that I wanted
  • My feelings of INSECURITY were crippling my ability to make a move

Anyway, I didn’t give up.

I bought and read everything I could about the mind, self-confidence, self esteem, psychology and so on. I even went ahead and bought many of the "pick up gurus" courses about this stuff.

While some of that helped, a lot of it was a waste of money (I explain how many of their theories are based on pseudo-science and pop psychology later in the letter. I also explain many of the lies that they tell you).

I did experience some success from the material I bought, however...

I Was Becoming A Social ROBOT Because
Of What The Gurus Told Me

...and it didn’t feel right.

I felt like I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I was judging everyone, seeing everything from a "me vs. them" frame and not connecting to anyone on a deeper level.

In my search I was led to many so-called experts but my excitement soon fizzled out when I found out they were just re-hashing what I already knew (and didn’t work).

To cut my long story short, I want to explain about...

The Moment That CHANGED My Life & Awakened
My Innate Male Ability To Seduce Women

Even with all the knowledge that I had built up from an endless search for answers, nothing was fundamentally changing inside me.

That all changed when I met Dr Jay.

You see, when I met Dr Jay I immediately knew his understanding was on another level. At first I was a little skeptical about what he suggesting... it sounded a bit too good to be true.

You see, Dr Jay is a clinical hypnotherapist. He has used his experience and knowledge on thousands of clients from all over the world. In other words, he is a master at TRANSFORMING the inner world of people. However, I didn’t know how hypnosis would work for pick up, dating and success with women.

My point is: You have probably been told that there is no magic pill. That’s true.


But There Are Profound Truths Of Attraction &
Seduction That Can Be Quickly Installed Into
Your Subconscious Mind

Yep - there are SHORTCUTS and things you can eliminate to shorten your learning curve. You need to immerse yourself on a constant basis into this mentality until you succeed.

This is why hypnosis is so powerful. It is short, automatic, effortless AND delivers REAL results fast.

Hypnotism has been around for more than two centuries and is 100% safe.

There are many current myths and urban legends out there. Most of these came from TV. The most common ones are that you can get forced into doing something against your will or that you can be left in a state of continual hypnosis. There is exactly ZERO chance that you will get stuck in perpetual hypnosis or that you will be forced to do anything your mind does not already want to do. This has been proven in countless scientific studies time and time again.

For example, a recent study by Dr. Amir Raz, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at Columbia University, has contributed considerably to the credibility of hypnotism as a therapeutic medical tool.

"...Words framed as part of a carefully-crafted suggestion can change focal brain activity in a way no drug we have can do." – Dr. Amir Raz

Some guys might think hypnosis is about a clock swinging in your face. DEAD WRONG. Hypnosis is going on all the time. For example, a strong emotion is a hypnotic state.
When you access these states, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine being able to capture that daily power and directing it toward creating incredible success with women.

You will be in complete control of yourself during any hypnosis session, and you can control your mind in any direction you want. As such, you are able to wield immense power to re-program your deeply held beliefs with self serving beliefs.
Hypnosis will let you...

Download The Proven Seduction Traits &
Beliefs of The Greatest Seducers in History

Speaking with Dr Jay was ENLIGHTENING and life-transforming. He told me things and gave me exercises that I would never have figured out in a million years.
You see, he is a real, certified psychologist, not a guy making up theories in his friends dorm-room.

The seduction gurus aren’t psychologists or experts in the field of human interaction and emotions. But Dr. Jay is. They all claim to use psychology, but it’s mostly pop psychology and theories used out of context. This was all EXPLAINED to me by Dr Jay.

In fact, I gave him most of what I had bought from the seduction community over the years. It was funny to watch his reaction as he looked over it and watched the various programs.

Dr Jay laughed out loud at a lot of the material, but he did admit there’s something to be learnt from the gurus (and a lot to be ignored and exposed). What he told me next was that...

You CAN Learn To See The MATRIX,
Ignite Your Personality &
Gain Unstoppable Confidence

Let me cut to the chase.

Dr Jay distilled and boiled down all the materials, extracting the very core, the ESSENCE from them, so that I could transform into the person that I wanted to become. The final program that Dr Jay created for me was a UNIQUE, tailored program that radically changed my beliefs and emotions on a very deep level.

Following my complete transformation, I asked Dr Jay to create a program with me.

After many attempts I finally persuaded Dr Jay to launch a program to help all the guys out there struggling to meet women. This is how "Radical Inner Game" was born.

Who Is The Mysterious Man
Known Only As "Dr. Jay"?

Dr. Jay Polmar Ph. D. more than 3 decades of experience in clinical hypnosis author of more than 25 books, translated into 9 languages college & university instructor of specialy hypnosis member of several ethical hypnosis organizations
"Dr. Jay" is a certified hypnotherapist (with a Ph.D.), college and university instructor of speciality hypnosis and the author of several books on hypnosis. He received his first certification in clinical hypnosis in 1977. Right now Dr. Jay is retired from practice and is a member of several ethical hypnosis organizations. At the age of 31, Dr. Jay Polmar who had 10+ years as both a manufacturing and sales executive in New York returned to something that he had studied since age 13. Hypnosis. He was gifted with a private tutor, Lee Landfried, and for nearly two years studied and learned while treating every possible condition Jay could think of. His study included reading 7 to 15 books per week. However, his time was limited due to continuing his day job. Dr. Jay Polmar solved this problem by beginning to study, actually a lifelong study, speed reading. In 1977, Jay developed a method that taught the major speed reading techniques, memory, recall, note-taking, that cut reading time by 30% compared to techniques that other methods offered. In 1979 he released his first version of the legendary Speed Reading in Only One Hour course. It is now available, as are other, in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Chinese and now can be found on Amazon.com in printed books and Kindle format, and Dr. Jay has been considered an authority on this subject for decades. Dr. Polmar has authored tens of books, taught hundreds of classes from coast-to-coast, and had 26 radio and TV appearences during his career. In his retirement he is a ghostwriter to practitioners, therapists, and coaches .. Dr Jay's techniques have helped many corporate executives not only increase their reading speed but have helped them excel in their jobs, earn promotions and increase their earning potential. His life success techniques have been tested over and over again, and the proof of his work are how many executives have accelerated their careers.


Here is a small sample of what this program will do for you...

Make you the ALPHA MALE of the group. Control the interaction and have other people seeking out your approval and attention.
Enable you to OVERCOME all your inner conflicts so that you pursue your own purpose in life without the need to second-guess yourself or caring what other people think.
Finally put the massive amount of "pick-up" tactics that you have collected over the years into action.
Be at EASE around all women (even the prefect 10’s). You will be so COOL AND CHILLED out that they will work even harder to get you interested (because you give off the aura of just not caring... which keeps the girl’s attention on you like a magnet).
NEVER have to fake anything. You will just let your natural personality flow but it will ramped up 100 times so you never come across as needy or supplicate.
KNOW without a doubt that your value is on a level with every girl you ever want to speak to (or even higher in many cases). You won’t be an arrogant jerk, but your SELF ESTEEM will be obvious to everyone, including yourself.
REMOVE all awkward and anxious feelings once and for all (because you are finally happy in your own skin and not dependant on anything outside yourself for happiness).
ERADICATE all shyness and fear of embarrassment (even when a women tests, probes or outright insults you, those things will just bounce off you or be squashed like a flea on a windshield).
Always have the right thing to say. When you’re "in the zone", whatever comes to mind will be right and you will deliver it with grace and flow. People will wonder who you are, as not 1 in a 1000 guys speak or act like you.
CONTROL the flow of the interaction and steer it wherever you want it to go (when your personality is this magnetic, people will just want to go along for the ride).
Always be true to yourself and your own values (you will never again compromise for anything or anyone).
Develop a personal VIBE that lights up the room and opens any "set" effortlessly (women will want to speak to you).
Accept your flaws but see them as stepping stones so that every day is an opportunity to improve yourself (each day you are upgrading yourself and see fast evolutionary changes not "growth" – who wants slow growth when you can evolve?).
LOVE taking risks! You will take crazy risks and try new things just for the hell of it. Your friend’s jaws will hit the floor and women will be intoxicated by your new behavior.
Never framing anything as a failure again (you will instantly see the upgrades you need to make and WANT to make them right away).
Develop a strong sense of AWARENESS about people and the world around you (nothing mystical here – you will just be more in tune with what’s going on).
Having more FUN than ever before. You will find yourself in much better moods, more joyful and laughing much more.
Know yourself as a WINNER and be certain that YOU are in full control of your destiny.
Fix the parts of your self esteem that are lacking, so you have a foundation of integrity.
Demonstrate what has been stopping you all this time.
Overcome and BREAK FREE from any depression or sadness that you have been carrying around with (maybe unknowingly).
Allow you to overcome the emotions that have been trapping you and keeping you in self defeating habit patterns.
You’ll finally be able to destroy the hidden fear of success that has been holding you back for so long from becoming the man you always wanted to become.
Let you remove deep internal issues without years of therapy.


Don’t waste another second and order the product now!





Finally Get "Out Of Your Head"
And LIVE In The Real World

This is something that I hear from guys all the time. They feel like they’re a prisoner of their own mind and can’t break free from the self imposed chains.

Imagine if you had the PERSONALITY that was so charismatic, calm and confident in any social situation that you simply didn’t consider about other people thought of you – much less cared what they thought (imagine if it didn’t even enter your mind).

For example, just look at this guy:

This guy is a real natural. He’s one of those European guys you see in movies, read about in books, and so on. These guys DO exist in reality.

Would you like to be as good as him?!

And really, does he look like those weird pick-up artists? Seriously now, take a look at them: (example 1, example 2)

Right now, you may not understand what he’s doing, but it will all make sense once you listen to the hypnosis sessions.

It may be impossible for you to imagine yourself in this guy’s shoes, doing all he’s doing. But in reality, he’s nothing but sheer confidence and the guy has the courage to say exactly what’s on his mind. That’s it. Wait until you listen to the hypnosis sessions.

You’ll start to feel the same kind of COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE.

Oh, one more thing – he’s 100 times more congruent and authentic than those "pick-up gurus" that keep lecturing you for 20 hours about all kinds of abstract concepts that will lead you nowhere.

You see, a lot of social anxiety, fear of rejection and self doubt comes from projecting what you imagine other people are going to think about you – and then buying into that crap.

This Program is Like An Operating
System UPGRADE For Your Brain!

Confidence is not something that can be just handed out in jars.

However, what I’m about to show is the nearest thing you will ever get to "instant confidence".

Let me explain...

Why This Unique Program
Puts The Gurus To Shame

What makes this program so DIFFERENT is that the core, universal aspects of inner game have been distilled, synthesized, boiled down and can now be delivered to you in one single program.

Let me go into more detail.

You see, we’ve taken the ideas, beliefs and mindsets that make the difference between a sexually abundant pick-up artist and an average frustrated male - and we've transformed them into hypnotic suggestions that install themselves automatically within your neurology (just like how Neo, in the Matrix, got his martial arts skills downloaded into his brain).

You know, the gurus charge excessive amounts of money for their diluted materials, filled with fluff and small talk, with confusing "theories", "routines", "techniques" and so on.

We DON’T Do That!

We focus on changing the person internally, so instead of making you a social robot, this program gradually and steadily turns you into a NATURAL!

Some specifics: instead of teaching you "techniques", "routines" and telling you all sorts of nonsense, it encodes the PUA mentality deep into your neurology.

Truth be told, not all the things that the gurus teach you are great or even work at all.

This is why we’ve cut through the bullshit and we’ve extracted only the best ideas.

Actually, some of the gurus just give you materials and seminars that build up your enthusiasm and make you "feel good" while watching them. But afterwards, only a few people can say they got consistent results out of those teachings.

We won’t lecture you for hours. We don’t focus on teaching information – we focus on RESULTS.

That reminds me, let me explain the shocking...

Seven Big Fat Lies From The
Pick-Up Artists & Dating Gurus

Look, I don’t care which "PUAG" (pickup artist guru) or self titled dating expert you’ve been following (isn’t it interesting how they give themselves these "modest" titles?).

The fact is they have all being lying to you in some form or another.

Here are the dirty secrets they keep hidden...

What these men don’t tell you is that their techniques transform you into a social robot. Don’t believe me – well I offer you proof:
  • Frame control junkie – this is where you always need to be in control of every conversation, even if you’re just chatting to your grandma! That’s right, there’s always a conversation leader and it MUST be you (Am I the only one who thinks this is neurotic?)
  • Bitch tests – sounds crazy and it is. The theory is that everything a woman says is test that you either pass or fail and you need to see and pass all the tests. This is the worst possible way to interpret a conversation and will make you paranoid. ("Oh, she’s upset, she must be testing me!")
  • AMOG – this stands for alpha male of the group. Guess what guys, there’s one in every group because evolution demands it! You need to blow him out in order to show the girl you are higher value. Well, if you want to start fights and get thrown out of every nightclub go right ahead. I would rather stay inside and chat to the girl you were trying to seduce.
  • And the list goes on. You only need to look at the nerdy language these PUA’s talk in to see how much of a social robot sensible guys turn into. I mean, all of this is fun, but is all that really necessary in order to just chat and meet girls?
They make you rehearse and deliver weird, STANDARDIZED "routines" and "strategies" instead of being genuinely good with women (hey, a lot of guys just want a girlfriend – not a drawer of phone numbers to keep hidden from their mom).
Ultimately, they encourage focusing on FLASHY TRICKS instead of truly being effective with women.
The gurus claim to use psychology, but it’s junk science misinterpreted (some of the theories are hilarious and totally overlook the obvious fact that women can actually think for themselves – humans are NOT stimulus/ response creatures evidenced by our conscious brain).
Trying to develop confidence – as you are advised to do – will actually make you nervous (when you push through the fear, the fear is STILL THERE and women can sense it in your uncomfortable body language, stammering voice and wandering eyes).
Most of their seminars are "feel good" seminars that temporary inflate your ego. They keep praising you for making this step in your life, but they don’t really deliver much.
Information "bulk" - the seduction gurus bulk up their products with lots of content – some of which is irrelevant – to justify the high prices they charge! This is called "perceived value" and they try to inflate it as much as they can, to make a lot of money off you. When you see a huge bundle of books, DVD’s and bonus reports, you think it’s worth the price. But do you know how painful it is to go through all that material!? You probably do. Do you know how diluted and irrelevant that material sometimes is? You’ll have to read hundreds of pages to pick up two or three useful ideas that you can implement in your game.


Why This Program Is Unique And DIFFERENT From Everything Else You Have Seen Or Tried

Before you make your mind up about this program, take the time to understand why this is not just another "Pick Up" or "inner game" program. This is very different and here’s how...

This program is NOT based on unproven, arbitrary, "sounds like it might be true" evolutionary or psychological theories. All those other programs you have seen or maybe tried are not always backed up evidence. They are simply theories that appeal to your feelings.

Because we live in the real world, I think it’s it best to stick to facts and logic. That’s what this program is based on.
This program has distilled and boiled down all of the dating and pick up products, and extracted the pure juice from them. It’s the purest stuff you can get, delivered in the most EFFICIENT manner possible – hypnosis, which automatically installs them deep into your mind. It encodes them deep into your neurology, TRANSFORMING YOUR PERSONALITY literally overnight (think of how hypnosis can cure lifelong alcoholics, smokers, obesity and many other serious psychological disorders).
This product takes you on a rollercoaster ride, full of EXCITEMENT and can make dramatic and profound changes – within minutes! Just one single epiphany or revelation that you may have during the hypnosis session can have the power to skyrocket your abilities to pick up women. It’s the butterfly effect– small improvements can bring HUGE results. You won’t believe your eyes! So...instead of diluting the content, we have chosen to synthesize it, boil it down to the very core, the very essence of it.
STOP giving your brain so much information to digest! People who hang on forums and seduction communities usually read tens of books, hundreds of articles and sometimes digest thousands of pages of information. Yet, they can’t pick up an average chick in a local store! This is SCANDALOUS. So...if you keep on reading so much stuff (most of which is irrelevant and contradictory anyway), you’ll end up even more confused, suffering from cognitive dissonance and information bulimia. This is not the right approach to seduction. Seduction is a SKILL, that has to be first installed, then practiced.
If you learn techniques and strategies to apply, you’ll end up a social robot, crippled by the "paralysis by analysis" syndrome when you go out to meet women. This program turns you in a more outgoing, self expressed, ATTRACTIVE version of yourself.


Here’s What’s Contained Inside This Program...

The complete program consists of 5 hypnotherapy sessions + 1 Booklet. The sessions are:

    1. Fierce masculinity immersion
    2. Approach Anxiety Destroyer
    3. Approach and seduction simulator – mental training
    4. The next level: being arrogant and direct with women
    5. Skills of a Sex God

Each session deals with a certain set of skills and personality traits that will be installed into your neurology. You'll also receive an instruction set, explaining exactly how you should listen to the hypnosis sessions to get the most out of them.



Each session deals with a certain set of skills and personality traits that have to be installed.

So here's what you get:

Fierce Masculinity Immersion
Approach Anxiety Destroyer
Approach and Seduction Simulator – Mental Training
The Next Level: Being Arrogant and Direct With Women
Skills of a Sex God


As you can see from the table above, you can purchase 1 session, 3 sessions or all five. Maybe there is one particular sticking point in your game, which one of the five sessions deals with. However, for complete transformation you need to hear all five of these POWERFUL recordings.

Know and understand how to re-connect to your core essence as a man. Get the god-like masculine feelings rushing through your veins, so that nothing can or will stop you.

You will be able to face the fears head on, knowing that you are attractive to women and easily drawing them into your reality.

After listening to this single session, you will wake up as a real man. You'll be able to:

  • Know yourself as a WINNER and be certain that YOU are in full control of your destiny.
  • Fix the parts of your self esteem that are lacking, so you have a foundation of integrity.
  • Instantly know what to do and how to act around women! No more will you blush, freeze, shake and shiver, sweat or bailout. You will naturally and effortlessly approach women, and you will enjoy this whole process.
  • Start approaching women with ease and confidence
  • STOP worrying about looks, age, income and other irrelevant things, and start concentrating on developing your most useful abilities with women.


Inside this session, you’ll be able to mentally rehearse and practice your approaches without fear of failure.

Just like most martial arts rely extensively on mental training, you will draw immense benefits from this exercise. Studies have shown that by simply mentally rehearsing a skill (including sports, playing an instrument, delivering a speech etc.), you can improve it enormously.

There are so many combinations of "moves" that you can make in a flirting context, that it’s impossible to build your skill on face-to-face experience alone.

Plus there’s a vicious circle – because you need some practice before you practice it even more in the field. You will mentally rehearse and become greater and greater.

After listening to this session you’ll be able to:

  • Shake off the memories of past rejections and erase the effect they have on your game right now.
  • OVERCOME all your inner conflicts so that you pursue your own purpose in life without the need to second-guess yourself or caring what other people think.
  • Destroy the hidden fear of success that has been holding you back for so long from becoming the man you always wanted to become.
  • You will no longer be worried, timid, and nervous or afraid of what other might be thinking of you.
  • Erase the nervousness, the self-defeating patterns in your mind.


You will finally know what it takes to approach and create instant ATTRACTION in any woman. You will be given the mental toolkit that lets you have complete control over the hardest part of the game.

This session will jettison you into the sexual state that women find irresistible. With this state obvious to the women you approach, you will easily escalate the attraction and lead it in any direction that you desire.

You will also be programmed with a new ability to seduce women naturally, without it sounding forced, fake or sleazy. If you want women to hang on your every word, then you need to listen to this session because it will tell you how to:

  • CONTROL the flow of the interaction and steer it wherever you want it to go.
  • Be at EASE around all women. You will be so COOL AND CHILLED out that they will work even harder to get you interested
  • Develop a strong sense of AWARENESS about people and the world around you.
  • Hone and sharpen your seduction skills
  • No woman will ever be "out of your league" again


Gain almost instant charisma that women cant resist. You will be the guy that all the girls want to speak to in the venue. You will also develop a voice that resonates with people and gives you a dominant personality.

You will also get the best beliefs installed... that allow you to say and do things that would get most guys slapped across the face. What would be rude and outrageous to others will be funny, attractive and mysterious when you do it.

Besides this, you will also get the core intent that allows you walk right up a woman and take what you want (not on in a thousand guys can do this).

After listening to this session you’ll be able to:

  • Be cocky and have the balls to say whatever is on your mind at the time
  • Develop a personal VIBE that lights up the room and opens any "set" effortlessly.
  • Become a NATURAL, a genuine natural. Instead of making you mimic and parrot all sorts of canned material, it will turn you into a creative, flexible and skilled pick-up artist.
  • Become the coolest (and most magnetic) guy in the club naturally, without relying on lines, routines or gimmicks
  • Control the interaction and have other people seeking out your approval and attention.


Learn the secret code of a woman’s body. You will finally understand what it takes to BE A GREAT LOVER... a man that women whisper about between themselves. The truth is that sexual knowledge alone will make you much more confident.

Imagine knowing that you can satisfy the woman you are approaching. You will lose your self-doubt, shyness and fear. When you listen to this session, you will know on a very deep level that you can please her and she will sense it.

You will learn how to:

  • Enjoy a great healthy sex life instead of an endless cycle of nights of frustrated masturbation and wishful thinking.
  • Remove your sexual performance anxiety and start performing in bed
  • Make lovemaking an unforgettable experience – for every woman that has the chance to meet you
  • Be a GOD in bed. Master all the arousing sexual techniques to please a woman.
  • Discover ways to escape the monotony and have a fulfilling sex life.


So, you have three options to choose from. Because this program was created to be a complete, integrated package, it works best when you listen to all 5 recordings, but you can ramp up your game to explosive new heights with any single session – they are that potent for your mind.

Here are a few more reasons that make this a UNIQUE program...

It will let you build unshakeable self confidence and a strong frame of mind.
Destroy approach anxiety, annihilate your social fears and be in total control of your emotional state! This is what you will be able to do starting this week!
It’s exponentially more POWERFUL than autosuggestion or any other supraliminal techniques that you may ever try. It’s like autosuggestion on steroids – 100 times more powerful, effective, more direct – and fast!
It’s EFFORTLESS and AUTOMATIC. You just have to sit back and do the visualizations, listen to the powerful suggestions given directly to your subconscious mind.
This program makes you a NATURAL. A genuine natural. Instead of making you mimic and parrot all sorts of canned material, it will turn you into a creative, flexible and skilled pick-up artist.
It doesn’t matter which seduction "school" you may belong to. Perhaps you prefer Direct Game, perhaps you prefer Indirect Game. Perhaps you’re a fan of the Mystery Method or Double Your Dating. It doesn’t matter! This program will change you drastically and irreversibly. And you will start to apply what you have been waiting to apply for so long.
How to hone and sharpen your seduction skills by exercising on a category of women you've never thought of before - and NO, it's not what you think. This part will surprise you.
This powerful trance state will set your unconscious mind on "training mode" and it will be sharpening your skills almost at all times – even while you sleep, your unconscious mind will be conditioned to work on making you a better, more charismatic man.
It’s like a bulldozer that will recklessly destroy all your negative, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. It will replace fear with confidence, lack of personality with magnetic charisma and bad flirting skills with massively effective ones.
This material simply gives you the KEY you were waiting for. If nothing made perfect sense until now, it sure WILL make sense in the very near future. This is the missing piece from the puzzle!
Perhaps there is a part inside of you that doesn’t want you to be successful with women – or simply is fearful. And there is another part of you that wants you to be successful. These two parts have been in constant combat and struggle with each other – until now! This hypnotherapy session will reconcile these two parts, and release the block that’s been hindering you for so long.
How the hypnosis sessions work: You begin to relax, you sink into the chair, drop deeper and deeper down into a pleasant state of energizing, life-changing trance.
You will have an amazing experience.
It replaces old, bad habits, with successful new ones.
It will help to sink in all the information that you’ve been accumulating so far – on the internet, in books, seminars, DVDs. The information you’ve been absorbing will transmute itself into skills, permeating every cell of your being, making you a more and more natural pick-up artist.
Each session is filled with mind-boggling, belief-bending secrets that will change who you are in a matter of days, perhaps weeks – depending on the case.
It’s like an operating system upgrade for your brain!
Immerse yourself in the PUA (Pick-up Artist) mentality
Brutally effective methods that will transform you – for ever
Shorten your learning curve by entire months
Never feel at a loss for words. Forget about running out of things to say.
Escape/erase your innermost frustrations linked to not being able to seduce women
Enjoy a great healthy sex life instead of an endless cycle of nights of frustrated masturbation and wishful thinking
STOP worrying about looks, age, income and other irrelevant things, and start concentrating on developing your most useful abilities with women
Listen to the sessions and...Wake up a real man!


Finally crack the code to getting all the way from aproaching a woman to having sex with her.

This program is exactly the missing piece from your puzzle. So far, you’ve been struggling with this issue, you’ve probably tried to approach women on several occasions, perhaps you read some materials and maybe even bought a few books and attended a few seminars.

If you don’t already feel that you’re capable of approaching women in any social circumstance, then you’ve been walking the wrong path – and this product is definitely for you.

Imagine yourself sitting in the comfort of your own bedroom, with your headphones on, in a trance of deep relaxation that will fill you with enthusiasm, all the time you are... reprogramming your mind.


This Program Is Like A Bulldozer That Will
Recklessly Destroy All Your Negative, Limiting
Beliefs And Self-Sabotaging Patterns

It will replace fear with confidence, lack of personality with magnetic charisma and bad flirting skills with massively effective ones.

That’s how powerful this program is. Your new skills are automatically installed – deep into your neurology. The more you listen to the sessions, the better you get.
After listening for just 3 times, you’ll already feel a difference. You won’t believe your eyes.

After listening for a whole week every day, you’ll notice curious shifts in the way girls respond to you, and also in the way you behave around girls you like. Perhaps your approach anxiety won’t disappear completely, so you may still feel a pleasant tingling in your stomach when you approach girls. But now you can approach and the anxiety is turned to your favor – because it motivates you and pushes you forward. It’s rather like a rush of excitement.

With practice and after more listening to the hypnosis sessions, you’ll begin to feel the real difference! You’ll start noticing massive shifts in responses you get from girls – your "closing rate" will soar. Phone numbers, dates...etc.

This product will simply slash your learning curve and allow you to become outrageously good at seducing women with a 1/100 of the effort you would put in if you had to learn it the hard way.

With that said, I believe this is the program contains the key that you have been missing. The key lets you have all the success with women that you want and I want you get a copy and use it.

Even though it would cost you thousands of dollars to hire Dr Jay personally, we want to make this available to as many men as possible. As such, we have brought the price down as low as we can possibly can, which is now within reach of every serious individual.

The prices that the big name gurus charge range from $500 to $2500 for a home study course, or even more for a live event.

We think this is outrageous and want to do something about. As such, we have priced this very low for the entire course. For just $247 you get the entire library of hypnosis sessions from Dr Jay.

Not only, that but to make this an even sweeter deal, we have included a no risk guarantee...

No Risk Guarantee...
Test The Program Out FREE For 60 Days

I have 100% confidence that this is the program that will change your life forever.

After all, what’s more important than transforming yourself into the man that can get whatever he wants, including beautiful women?

I’m so SURE that this will work for you that I want you to try this program for FREE.

That means I want you to try out everything in the program for free, and if you don’t see a massive transformation in 60 days then you get to keep it for free. I won’t charge you a penny.

There is no better way of convincing you than that? I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders as I’m so sure of this program.

Once you try out the exercises and methods in the program, you will know for sure how powerful this material is. It trumps everything else out there in the community.

But if you’re not satisfied for any reason, or for no reason, then I will refund you every penny.

As you can see, I am COMMITTED to helping every man that wants to overcome limiting beliefs around women and dating, and I want to help you too.

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When you get your hands on this power-packed program you are going to notice instant changes. You will quickly feel like a new man and people will sense it.

You will wonder why it seemed so difficult before when you notice that:

The secrets to attracting women are not mysterious or complex.
You can walk up and talk to the most attractive women anytime, anywhere.
You are no longer worried, timid, and nervous or afraid of what other might be thinking of you.
You have an abundance of women in your life (that you choose)
You can FIND a special woman if you want that also (the option is yours).
You can talk to any type of person and speak on their level, making INSTANT connections
You get to go on more great dates than ever before, and women keep calling you back
Meeting women is now a source of fun and ENJOYMENT
You are given respect by everyone you meet and people ask you for advice
No woman is ever "out of your league" again
Your life flows effortlessly and you’re happier than ever before


You know, there are many other things you will notice also.

I GUARANTEE that these things WILL happen to you. You may notice them in the first few sessions or a few weeks later, but you can be sure a transformation will take place inside you.

It’s really the greatest gift that you can give yourself. You will know and understand that something inside you has shifted, so watch out for the...

TRANSFORMATIONAL Turning Point That Unlocks The
Secrets To Cutting Edge Seduction Techniques

You might notice this when you suddenly find yourself going out on yet another date with a beautiful woman you met just a few days ago.

Or maybe you will NOTICE it when you’re with your friends and they comment on how many hot women you seem to be with (all of a sudden).

Or maybe you will sense a change when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store and bust out a witty, interesting and intoxicating remark to a beautiful woman in front of you, which RESULTS in the two of you going for a late lunch at the local cafe.

Whatever the circumstance, you will logically and emotionally know a change has occurred in how you carry yourself through the world.

I want you to experience your own "transformational turning point" and lead the life of your dreams.

You can get the ball rolling now... it’s up to you.

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P.S. This is the only program that will let you TRANSFORM at the neurological level, and let you approach, communicate and attract any woman you desire. Instead of giving you "techniques", "tips", pop psychology or theories, you will discover only the distilled proven essences from a real M.D with decades of client transformation behind him.

This is the program that makes you become the man that women desire and seek out. Don’t waste any more time alone and frustrated... get this program now.

P.P.S. Are you willing make a ridiculously low investment to free yourself from pain and loneliness, while exploding your ability to pick up women anytime and anyplace? Don’t be another guy who complains and moans about being alone every night of the week – get real results now.


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